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Even Fancy Sofas Can Be A Cause Of Cancer: Study

Cancer is one of the most widespread diseases in the world today. With the people of the nation getting more and more accustomed to the disease with the passing days, it must be noted that cancer causes harm to a person in all the ways possible. Over the years, although a lot of studies was done in the field of cancer, hardly any remedy of the same is found. Scientists have also failed to come up with concrete evidence of what exactly is the cause of cancer.

A New Addition To The List Of Things That Causes Cancer

Picture Courtesy: Wayfair

However, they have noted down a few sources with their researches on the field. The latest inclusion in the list of the materials that cause cancer are the fancy sofas. According to researchers, the fancy sofas that use fire retardant chemicals are found to cause thyroid cancer. Researches have indicated that chemicals like decaBDE are linked to 74% spike in deadly cancer over the decades.

Heather Stapleton, who will be set to present her findings at a conference in New York in the coming month said that the chemicals used in these sofas are released as household dust and get into our body through our food and the various daily life activity. This has caused great harm to the children. According to the researchers, who have researched on this particular field, they found out that people who were exposed to decaBDE had significant high chances of getting the disease, as compared to those that are kept aloof of the same.

The lady further said that although the US had changed the sofa flammability laws almost two years ago, UK is still stuck up with the same set of laws that it had. She said that the UK faces higher hazards from the same, even more than what the US faced.

Well, with the passing years, cancer is becoming one of the most traumatic diseases. With no cure what so ever, the disease is claiming more life than it has ever had in the past and poses a threat to the entire humanity.


JEE Mains Answer Keys Released; Check It Out Here!

IIT JEE Mains is one of the top most examination of the nation. Students aspiring in the fields of engineering, b-pharma, and b-arch takes part in the examination. The examination opens door to some of the most prestigious colleges in the nation. The JEE Mains examination for the calendar year 2017 was held on 2nd of April 2017. The students are now way too eager to check out the JEE Mains 2017 answer keys, which will help them get an idea about the same.

The idea of the JEE Mains and the JEE Advanced examination are not very old. In the previous years, only one examination was held for the students to get into the IITs’ and the NITs’. However, recently there have been some changes which have made sure that the students appear in two examinations. Also, in the previous years, the board marks were not taken into account, but now, they are considered too. All these have made it tougher for any ordinary student to get into the prestigious IIT’s. With the Answer Key JEE Mains 2017 published online, many students can now calculate the marks and check if they are capable enough to get into the colleges that they had dreamt of.

JEE Mains Exam Answers 2017; Importance Of The Examination

The examination is the most important aspect for a student who has for long been waiting for the opportunity to pursue their dream career. The IIT Mains Offline Answer key will help them get the most out of themselves. If they can clear the examination with flying colors, they would then be eligible to sit for the next examination, which is called the JEE Advanced examination. Clearing the second one with a good rank will help them secure a rank in the various IIT’s across the nation.

Click Here To Check Out The Answer Key Of JEE Mains 2017

Jee Mains 2017
Picture Courtesy: Academic Learning Center – University of Northern Iowa

The answer keys of the examination will help the students to access themselves in the best possible way. And also guess their possible rank in the examination. The tentative answer keys are released generally after the examination is over, by various well-known institutions of the nation. The JEE Mains 2017 Answer Key too will be published by some of the education giants of the nation.

A Little Advice And A Hearty Congratulation

To all the students who have fared really well in the examination, I would like to extend my hearty congratulation. However, for those who have not been able to make it among the best ranks, I would request them, not to give up hope. There are various other colleges in the nation, that are good enough and also one can get into the dream colleges while pursuing the masters. However, you might not remember exactly what all you have marked in the examination correctly and that might lead to a disaster., So, do not rely only on the JEE Mains 2017 Answer Key, but also look check out the results when they are published, and you might possibly have some good news waiting for you then!

All the best to one and all!

These 10 Outstanding Tips Will Help You Improve Your JEE Rank Instantly! Check Them Out!

India has one of the largest numbers of engineers in the whole world. Well, the dream of every engineer who is pursuing their studies in the nation is to get into one of the prestigious IIT’s. Well, although it’s tough to get into one, given the type of competition that the IIT’s are having these days, it must be noted that the students who appear for these examinations need to keep themselves up to the mark. The margin of error is very low for the students. However, most of these errors can be fixed with just concentrating on how exactly you are managing things outside and inside the examination hall! Here are a few tips that you must remember while appearing for your JEE Mains Examination 2017.

Continue reading “These 10 Outstanding Tips Will Help You Improve Your JEE Rank Instantly! Check Them Out!”

The common questions about common cold: Common cold FAQs

Don`t let those questions cloud anymore! Just browse through this FAQ list to clear all your queries regarding a common cold. A common cold has spared no one and it is time that you put up a strong defense against those unwelcomed viral attacks. Even if the virus invades your body without invitation, you better take up control immediately to shoo them away and stay healthy forever!

Is there a difference between cold and flu?

Even though common cold and flu have similar symptoms, they are caused by different viruses and are different diseases altogether. They are sometimes difficult to differentiate as well owing to identical looking symptoms. However, flu symptoms are much worse than a normal common cold. Flu is much more of a serious condition as well. Continue reading “The common questions about common cold: Common cold FAQs”

Get all your queries answered about Sore Throat in this Sore Throat FAQs list !

Sore throat is a common problem in winter season and as soon as we get it, we tend to google its remedies that will give us immediate relief. Most times, sore throat happens when you get common cold, fever, etc. Given below are some FAQs that will help you understand its remedies better.

Is sore throat same as tonsillitis?

Sore throat leads to inflammation of the area around the tonsils and not the glands themselves, unlike in Tonsillitis which refers to the inflammation of the tonsils.

Is sore throat contagious?

Depending on the cause of sore throat, it can be contagious. So it is better to cover your mouth while you cough and stay away from people complaining of sore throat. Continue reading “Get all your queries answered about Sore Throat in this Sore Throat FAQs list !”

Know everything about heart diseases: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

Heart diseases trouble you more in winter season, research studies have shown. So if you have been slacking in taking care of your heart, you should put your guards up especially in winter. Heart disease are of various types hence it is only wise to get yourself checked regularly to lead a healthy life. Most times when the symptoms manifest in heart diseases, it is too late and requires some major action steps to cure.

Given below is a detailed outline study of the causes, symptoms, prevention and cure of the heart disease in general. After you are done reading this article you will be well informed and sufficiently prepared to avoid the trauma and pain associated with heart diseases. For most of the causes of heart disease are related to your lifestyle and can be fixed by you. Continue reading “Know everything about heart diseases: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure”

Joint pain can be a ‘pain in the neck’: Know all about its Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure!

Come winter and people with arthritis experience a significant rise in their joint pain. Winter time is not looked forward by people who have joint pains for obvious reasons of course!  Joint pain is medically known as arthralgia and can be very painful.

For common knowledge, joints are those parts of your body where two bones meet. Joints are important for the movement of our body and body parts. Thus any discomfort in the joint can limit your scope of movement. Continue reading “Joint pain can be a ‘pain in the neck’: Know all about its Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure!”

Cough it up: Know everything about Cough including its Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure.

Continuous bouts of cough is the most annoying illness ever. It does not let you eat, sleep or do anything in peace. Not getting adequate sleep due to acute coughing can further lead to weakness and fatigue in the next morning.

Generally speaking, cough is a reflex action of the throat to clear the airway passage and make it free from mucus or any foreign irritants that might be obstructing it. However the reflex action may happen due to several conditions that can causes persistent bouts of coughing. Depending on the severity cough is distinguished into three types as given below: Continue reading “Cough it up: Know everything about Cough including its Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure.”

Sore throat: Causes, symptoms, Prevention and Cure

This common discomfort of an illness needs no description. All of us experience this time and again, some more than the others. Sore throat refers to the painful throat condition which is characterized by irritation or itching of the throat. In winter, people are especially susceptible to sore throat. Sore throat can be extremely troublesome because it pains when you try and swallow. Eating and drinking becomes a difficult task, when suffering from sore throat.

While a mild sore throat infection can be easily fixed with necessary precautions and treatment, letting it increase can lead to tiresome consequences. Let us get into the medical details of this disease to know about it better. Continue reading “Sore throat: Causes, symptoms, Prevention and Cure”

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